Currently you can purchase the OK Kit for refugees and disaster relief to be distributed directly through UNICEF Disaster Relief, Red Cross/Red Crescent and Against Malaria Foundation.

Disaster Relief Program Evolution

Dr. Juan Jose Agudelo, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of United Spirit of America quickly realized that the parent product developed by United Spirit of America could also effectively be adapted for both refugees and natural disaster victims.  As referenced in this article from INC Magazine, United Spirit of America began a pilot program with UNICEF to evaluate the effectiveness of customers purchasing products to be distributed directly through a dedicated channel.

Elated with the limited success of the UNICEF pilot program,  Dr. Juan Jose Agudelo commissioned McWilliams Collective to evaluate, beginning in 2016, how United Spirit of America could offer waterless hygiene kits for refugees, natural disaster victims and other displaced persons on a global scale. 

Individual Kit Attributes:

Kits for both refugee and natural disaster victims around the globe that can be deployed rapidly 

Kits that can be utilized both by migratory and stationary populations

Kits that are gender/pediatric/adult specific 

Kits that are both linguistically and culturally appropriate for target population 

Kits that aggressively combat infectious disease in at risk populations  

Kits for both refugee and natural disaster victims that can easily be introduced into the supply chain of domestic and international aid organizations 

Kits that can be sponsored by a single individual donor who understands the effectiveness of product donation through a dedicated channel 

Kits with supplemental material that educate a culture that exists both domestically and internationally about the scientific merits of waterless hygiene kits and the mitigation of infectious disease

Please reference the final concept art for packaging and production of the new Displaced Persons Waterless Hygiene Kits coming to the global market place Summer of 2016.

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